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The clear thumb impression (Male - Right, Female - Left) of the native is taken and studied.

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Do you feel difficult to make your visit to our office? don’t worry you can find your nadi predictions by online also. just fill up the online questions and send us details by email. only by the details given by you, we can search your leaf, and we can send your prediction’s with in a very short time.

If your palm leaf is not available, your details along with your amount will return to you.

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Distinctiveness of Naadi Astrology

Naadi Astrology Online! This has been our Guruji’s distinctive strength from the day he ventured. Has it each occurred to you that your destiny has been recorded centuries before you're born? this is often the distinctiveness of Nadi astrology. In religious writing astrology, the positions of the planets at the time of birth are taken into consideration for the prediction. In Nadi astrology however, we tend to depend on the Nadi leaves that establish the seeker. it's the leaf that seekes the person and not the opposite way. once the time is right, the seeker involves the correct Nadi reader and therefore the leaf reveals to the seeker at the correct time.

Why can we face problems during this life?

Hindu Dharma states that no-one will escape the continual cycle of life and death till their destiny is totally erased. the entire accumulation or erasure of karma throughout one’s period doesn't happen. It passes with them through the ages. The soul suffers through of these births and deaths and seeks release. Unless by divine interference the native seeks an alternate means, this cycle is vicious and can build the soul improbably frustrated. this is often manifested as stress and tension throughout our lifetime. Ultimately, this suffering results in sickness (dis-ease) and death through complaint and suffering.

Naadi leaves - Your life’s blueprint

Everyone becomes annoyed after they don’t get solutions for downsides|the issues featured by them and their family members. They flip towards faith (gods and goddesses) to assist them with their problems. this is often a awfully cumbersome and spherical concerning thanks to look for solution, since the gods and goddesses don't seem to be simply accessible to the common man. The sages of the past have recognized this problem and have written cryptic notes that may help U.S. erase our destiny and acquire aloof from the cycle of life and death. These are the Nadi leaves and therefore the methodology concerned is broadly speaking referred to as Nadi pseudoscience.

Types of Naadi Astrology

Our Guruji Expert in providing service:

Our Guruji, JOTHIDA RATHNA DR. M.C MOHANRAJ 4th generation of Naadi Astrology follows Sri Agathiyar Thulliya Naadi astrology. It is a very precise and detailed form of Nadi astrology.

Naadi Astrology to erase your destiny

We blame our oldsters and our gods for our fate and resign to the actual fact that nothing will change. this is often not true. God creates a being as a results of their karma accumulation in their past births. This destiny must be erased so as for U.S. to get pleasure from happiness and seventh heaven during this current life. Nadi pseudoscience provides a simple and reliable choice as ordered out by the Maharishis(the nice saints), who gone along this mortal plane and left remnants of their knowledge for us. These are recorded as sutras(cryptic poems), that may be deciphered by the nadi astrologers. Nadi astrology not solely reveals you your name, your oldsters name, marriages, kids however additionally reveals you the correct remedies that once performed properly can erase your karma and improve your well-being.

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